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If you’ve ever been confused by a term used in ads for sex toys, you’ve come to the right place. This page explains common terms that are used in the sex toy industry and may dispel any confusion you might experience while shopping for intimate adult products. 

Terms And Definitions

The following alphabetical list of common (and not-so-common) terms will help you figure out some things about sex toy products that may seem baffling to some consumers. This list includes the term, and a definition, and may include specific examples or details for clarity. 

  1. Adult Toys: Any device designed for adults to enhance sexual pleasure and promote sexual gratification.
  2. Aphrodisiac: Substances believed to increase sexual desire. May include foods, drugs, music, lotions, ointments, scents, and more.
  3. Ben Wa Balls: See Kegel Balls.
  4. Body-Safe: Used to describe materials that are safe for contact with intimate areas of the human body. Includes non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.
  5. Body-Safe Silicone: A special form of silicone that is free of hazardous chemicals.
  6. Bullet Vibrator: A small, bullet-shaped vibrator for external stimulation. Sizes range from one to four inches or larger.
  7. Cock Cages: A form of constrictor that fits around the penis and limits access. They are designed to prevent most touching and are often part of BDSM play.
  8. Cock Rings: See Erection Rings.
  9. Condoms: Protective sheaths used during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and STDs.
  10. Corded: A term used to describe toys that must be plugged into an external power source. Non-corded devices have internal batteries.
  11. Dilators: Tools used to stretch or relax body openings. Includes expandable objects as well as items offered in a range of sizes.
  12. Dildos: Non-vibrating devices of all sizes for penetration and stimulation. Dildo collections may include a wide variety of penis-shaped toys and imaginative variations made of silicone, stainless steel, or glass.
  13. Double-Dildo: A dildo with two “heads” designed to be inserted into two orifices at the same time.
  14. Edible Products: Flavored items for intimate use, like lubricants and body paints. They are non-toxic and safe if consumed accidentally or otherwise during intimate encounters.
  15. Enhancer: A catch-all term used to describe a wide variety of toys used to enhance intimate experiences.
  16. Erection Rings: Devices worn at the base of the penis to constrict blood flow. Men’s cock rings may enhance and prolong erections.
  17. Fertility Monitors: Devices that track ovulation to aid in conception. They can be electronic, virtual, physical, or chemically-based.
  18. G-spot Toys: Devices designed to target and stimulate the G-spot. Generally slimmer than a dildo with a curve or twist at the end.
  19. Harness: A wearable support for dildos, often used in strap-on play. Some are designed for BDSM play and multiple uses.
  20. Intimate Wash: Gentle body-safe cleansers for the genital area.
  21. Kegel Balls: Therapeutic devices that are ball- or dumbbell-shaped and are used to exercise and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. They are intended for vaginal insertion and may make the vagina tighter or aid with urination control. Also known as Ben Wa balls.
  22. Lubricants: Personal lubricants are products designed for the body that reduce friction during intercourse or toy use.


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  1. Massage Oils: Oils designed for sensual body massages.
  2. Masturbators: Toys typically designed for male masturbation. Men’s masturbation toys include items that wrap around the penis, insertable items, and toys made to resemble vaginas, faces, or buttocks.
  3. Nipple Clamps: Devices that apply pressure to the nipples for stimulation. May include spring-loaded clamps and clamps that use screws to apply pressure.
  4. Non-Corded: A term used to describe a battery-powered toy, one that uses replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries that connect to a USB port or similar charging device.
  5. Organic: Products made without synthetic chemicals or additives.
  6. Pegging: Pegging is the act of inserting a dildo or a vibrator into a man’s anus during sex. Many men’s anal toys are suitable.
  7. Penis Pumps: Devices that use suction or pressure to promote increased blood flow in the penis. This may make the penis larger for a short period.
  8. Prostate Massager: Devices designed to be inserted into the anus and stimulate the male prostate gland for therapeutic reasons or sexual gratification.
  9. Queening Chair: A piece of furniture designed for face-sitting. Sometimes called a smoothing chair.
  10. Rabbits: Rabbits are vibrators with a variety of projections that are designed to offer a wide range of stimulation. They may include multiple vibrators, motors, and projections that wiggle, squeeze, and rotate.
  11. Remote Play: Items like hands-free vibrators and butt plugs that can be manipulated at a distance using radio frequency or WIFI. These items allow lovers to control sex toys from across the room or country.
  12. Restraints: Any item that limits, blocks, or restrains movement.
  13. Silicone: See Body-Safe Silicone.
  14. Strap-On: A dildo designed to be attached to a harness.
  15. Temperature Play: Using heat or cold for sensual stimulation, often paired with massage. Includes warming oils, ice cubes, and similar materials.
  16. USB-Rechargeable: Devices that contain internal batteries that can be charged using a USB port. The charging cord is often removable. See Non-corded.
  17. Vibrators: Any device that uses vibration to stimulate the body. Vibrators may be penis-shaped, cup-shaped, wand-shaped, or designed to be fitted over the fingers or hands.
  18. Wands: Wands are a type of dildo or vibrator that is typically long, slimmer than a regular dildo, and easy to manipulate.
  19. Waterproof: Products that are designed for use in wet environments, like the shower.
  20. Water resistant: Products that can stand up to splashes of water but are not designed for total or prolonged immersion.
  21. X-rated: Products intended for mature audiences. X-rated items are prohibited for viewing or use by minors.
  22. Yoni Eggs: Polished stones used for vaginal exercise and meditation.
  23. Zero-toxins: Products free from harmful chemicals. See Body-safe.

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