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Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to blast off. Our selection of men’s and women’s adult toys are designed to rock your socks off (if they aren’t already). Browse our brand-name sex toys, spicy lingerie, personal lubricants, and premium playthings engineered for maximum pleasure. After all, if it’s not mind-blowingly fun, why do it?

Adult Toys for Men

NiteToys is proud to offer a variety of products that deliver top-quality satisfaction and fun for men. We have manual and fully automatic electric toys, constrictors, pumps, and a selection of delightfully engineered products designed for insertion.

Adult Toys for Women

We specialize in selling high-quality products designed to relieve, stimulate, entice, and comfort. Indulge your heart with sexy lingerie and playful women’s attire, and browse our adult boutique’s selection of premium app-controlled vibrators and quality dildos. They’ll spark your imagination in the best way possible.

Intimate Toys for Couples

Whether you’re experimenting with playful BDSM or more aggressive play, you'll find toys for every level of satisfaction. Explore our superb cock rings, nipple clamps, vibrators, and discreet sex toys, all engineered for intense pleasure you can share with your partner.

More Toys

NiteToys caters to all users and lifestyles, and our inclusive store holds many exciting treasures for curious couples and adults alike. No matter your style or taste for adventure, our adult boutique has a product that will fit your needs–but you’ll never know until you try:

Our Mission 

NiteToys is proud to cater to an inclusive community, including couples and individuals who desire experimentation, satisfaction, and relief. We’re happy to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for–and toys they don’t even know they need. We have a variety of male products, including enhancers, stimulator sleeves, and pumps, all designed to give men maximum relief, as well as intimate toys for couples that encourage more curiosity and play. 

We offer valuable customer incentives when purchasing $69 or more, and all sex toys are shipped discreetly in plain-looking packaging.

About Us 

NiteToys represents a culmination of efforts that took place over many years. We founded our online adult boutique after overcoming hardship, realizing we wanted to give back to our community by providing more joy. Only by supporting each other, and with help from family and friends, were we able to realize our dream. 

We’re dedicated to helping service members and those battling addiction by sharing our story and by offering a percentage of our profits to non-profits that help individuals live fulfilling lives after addiction.

Contact Us 

Contact our friendly staff at any time concerning a sale or a product. Chat with us online or email us at We’re eager to hear from customers, and we can’t wait to support the community with intimate sex toys from our online adult boutique.